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Table of Unity (TOU) - Details and Distinguishing Features

Updated: May 29, 2023

TOU Guidelines

1. The Table of Unity comprises a diverse community willing to engage in judgement-free relationships based in empathy, compassion, honesty, and openness.

2. TOU members learn cooperatively.

3. We are a growing community. Our stories encourage further development through dialogue.

4. Authentic personal stories empower tellers and listeners alike. We share freely our hopes and joys, disappointments and travails.

5. We create, nurture, and sustain member connections that honor similarities and differences. Our developing relationships are a source of “human equity.”

6. TOU discourse enhances our chances of positively engaging others. Meetings are organized and facilitated to allow as many participants input as possible.

7. TOU members avoid divisive political, religious, and ideological conflicts, seeking instead unity and goodwill through shared rapport.

8. TOU members are ambassadors hoping to bring others seeking the joys of diversity into wider discussion.

TOU Distinguishing Features

1. Participation is voluntary. Members are only required to have a desire to experience diversity.

2. TOU does not solicit funding (although future growth may require minimal contributions for projects such as website development.).

3. TOU has no formal leadership or authority; however, we do have service positions (meeting chair, co-hosts, general communications, etc.) that are impermanent, requiring rotating membership.

4. TOU members resist lecturing and overly pedantic prose. We encourage participants to openly share their experiences. “Current topic” or “policy discussion” groups abound. TOU differs in that its members seek equally to build a diverse community in “action.”

5. Although not intended primarily to be just a business networking group, TOU members can benefit from their colleagues’ experiences and knowledge in a wide variety of ways.


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