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Setting YOUR Table of Unity

We seek to create many Tables of Unity.  Here are some brief guides to help you set yours.  These are recommendations for establishing first iterations. We expect that diverse groups will take on their participants' hopes and experiences.  Contact us with any questions you may have about developing your own TOU!

1. Begin Small (5 - 7 Participants).  The original Table of Unity emerged from a 2-person conversation.

2. Avoid Restrictive Contention. Conversations intent on diversity can get bogged down with political posturing.  We seek to create a safe space where personal stories drive our Tables' narratives. In short, we seek to set the context for open human interaction centered on shared existence. We truly honor diversity.

3. Support Diverse Narratives Through Intra-group Conversation.  Our groups reflect us. Our conversations encourage members' participation, not stifle it.

4. Create Actionable Opportunities. As individuals, groups, and groups within groups, TOU members can be involved in a multitude of meetings, volunteer work opportunities, and can make professional and personal links within Table of Unity environs.

5. Encourage Active Participation.  In meetings, everyone gets to share. We treat all members with openness, respect, care, and encouragement to pursue TOU goals.

6. Avoid "Over-scripting" Conversations.  Allow thoughts to emerge cordially and freely.   

7. Cycle CORE Membership Duties Routinely. While a small number of participants may guide formation and function early on,  we have found that the regular "shifting of mantels" injects a sustainable energy to persevere and grow TOU.

8. Keep A Record of Meetings. We want to create a documentable history of TOU. Record Zoom events. Take notes. 

9. Spread Joy and Fellowship. 

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